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Lessons Learned From The Minor Leagues

I pastor a small church, a replant, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be as good as bigger or larger churches. Growing up in New England in the 80’s and 90’s or as sports fans call it, the “dark times”, people didn’t cheer on the Patriots, they were called the Patsies because they were as bad as their old stadium, and Red Sox like they do today, it was the Celtics and mainly the Bruins who made the playoffs for years and years and years. I grew up playing hockey with my 20-year older brother who helped in feeding my obsession. In my home we were a home divided, my brother and I were die-hard B’s fans (after his sudden death, I wore his old Bruins jersey with pride until it was falling apart), my dad loved the Canadians, which is like loving the Yankees or the Lakers here in New England. Dad’s devotion was because his cousin John was drafted by the Habs (playing 10 NHL games) and they were close. My mom was a Hartford Whalers fan, she even had jerseys that my dad gave me and my wife after…

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