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Staying True to Your Beliefs, While Staying the Course for the Lord by Rev. Dr. James MacKinnon

NOTE: This blog is written by my Brother in Christ and my cousin (in Scottish culture, if you share the same last name, even if different in spellings, you are related and so your are called cousins) Rev. Dr. James MacKinnon a fellow Church revitalizer.

When I took over Christ Reformed Baptist Church last year a church with a 200 year old tradition and they had 15 people left. It was an undertaking that I am used to, but one that I think not everyone is ready for. Within the Southern Baptist Convention, there has become a sharp divide between what replanters call the “Nashville Way” the fast church growth way and what we call “The Expositional Way”. One thing is clear, it is a very “us v. them” feeling within these circles. Revitalizers such as NAMB Replant Director Mark Clifton has pointed out that the Church Growth way is like a steroid, fast results, but short term success. To stay true to expositional preaching is slow growth, but things stick, and finding a balance is frowned on…

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